Dr Ian D. Rubenstein

The doctor who trained as a medium

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Consulting Spirit

Copyright © 2011 by Ian D. Rubenstein

ISBN-10: 1933665556 ISBN-13: 978-1933665559


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One morning during a busy surgery my dead grandfather popped in for a chat...


This sent me off on a journey: a mad dash through territory populated by mediums, psychics, poltergeists and ghost hunters. On the way I met some fascinating and sometimes strange people.


I had many interesting conversations, sometimes with people who weren’t there. Or was I just talking to myself?


But it was an exhilarating ride. Along the way I dragged in my family, some friends and a few patients. Ultimately, I had my ideas of what life's all about stretched beyond breaking point.


And then I went native...


But I kept notes!


I’d like to take you with me as I travel through the hinterland of what we touchingly call reality. I'll introduce you to some of the people and beings I met along the way. You'll get the inside story, the nuts and bolts, of how someone like me can train to become a medium.  


Walk with me as I travel strange paths and struggle to come to terms with uncanny coincidences, spirit guides and the odd disembodied voice or two. And just what has Angelina Jolie got to do with this anyway?


"Consulting Spirit" is the true story of a GP (primary care physician) who was drawn into the world of spirit mediumship and started receiving messages from his patients' deceased relatives.


It's a light-hearted look at what happens when someone is confronted with that curious mixture of the enticingly miraculous and the seemingly daft that characterises this field.


It also offers serious technical observation and critical analysis of how mediums train and try to make sense of the information they receive. It discusses the questions that many people regularly ask:


    Is mediumship real?


    How does it work?


    How can it be used in the practise of medicine?

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