Dr Ian D. Rubenstein

The doctor who trained as a medium


No kidding?

So what’s this all about? Am I joking? Am I a believer?


I try not to take myself too seriously. But I take what I do seriously and I'm very serious about my interest in paranormal phenomena and reports of survival after death.


I also try not to “do” belief. I like to see where the evidence leads. However, in this field the evidence is usually anecdotal and anecdote is not easily amenable to scientific study. This means that the results of any research carried out is always debatable.


I was faced with a pressing problem: the occurrence of strange events that challenged my world view. I couldn't ignore what was happening so I decided to mount a personal exploration. I enrolled in a psychic awareness group based at a thriving Spiritualist church in east London. I ended up having some amazing (and amusing) experiences. I had to write it all down just to try to make sense of it all.


Spiritualism is a recognised religion. I am not a religious person. So what do I feel that the Spiritualist movement has to offer? I found joining a psychic awareness group run by a Spiritualist church a useful and fun thing to do. It helped me explore the possibility that an inner landscape might reflect a greater reality. When exploring new territory, a map, even if rough and somewhat incomplete, can be helpful. Even if you don't fully accept the Spiritualist viewpoint you can still think of it as a useful map. And if you want a guidebook to go with it, try to get hold of a copy of my book "Consulting Spirit. A Doctor's Experience with Practical Mediumship."