Dr Ian D. Rubenstein

The doctor who trained as a medium


About me

My name is Dr Ian Rubenstein. I'm a GP (primary care physician) in a medical practice in Enfield, London, UK.


Obviously I’m scientifically inclined. You have to be to be a doctor. Medicine is, after all, science-based: you need to pass your science exams to go to medical school. Science, logic, reason: what else would there be?


Patients, meetings, being on-call: a normal medical career. Busy, of course. Demanding, naturally. But well, what do you expect?


That was my life in the summer of 2003. I didn't know it at the time but I was like a man standing on the edge of a cliff.


When I took a leap of faith off that cliff I found that I'd embarked on an intriguing journey through the Twilight Zone.


And then some really strange things started to happen....